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Dee Sarina

Angel Card Readings: Dee incorporates beautiful soul card readings with angel cards.
Intuitive Counselling: Dee uses intuition and counselling to enable you to understand the cards.
Psychic Readings: Dee has been a psychic and healer for more than ten years.
Relationship Issues: Dee can read your relationship issues and let you know how to move forward.
 Future Prospects- Dee can let you know your future in love, life, work and home.

Dee is a psychic and a healer and has been reading in Bondi for more than 10 years. She is now opening up her readings to WhatsApp and phone readings, while still taking face-to-face bookings for readings! She is an accurate and powerful psychic and has spot on timing abilities. She uses angel cards, oracle cards, and numerology and intuitive counselling. She is a certified Doreen Virtue Angel Card reader.

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Feeling, hearing and understanding your circumstances through angel card readings in past, present, and future. A psychic reading is stepping into someone’s life for an hour and objectively looking at what happened in the past and how that has lead to where you are now and what it will lead to in the future.  A psychic uses claircognance-knowing, clairsentient-feeling, clairvoyant-seeing and clairaudient-hearing



“Dee is an amazing reader and she is really lovely to speak with! I did my session with Dee over the phone and it was such a profound experience, she is spot on with her information and I highly recommend her!”

Daniela – Sydney


“Absolutely true- from a nonbeliever to believer! Dee is amazing, very powerful- almost magic! She told me things people would never know about me. She also advised on some issues and it worked out just perfectly!”

Dacy- Germany


“Loved every minute including meditation, so insightful and aligned with how I feel and think. Extraordinary.”

Lisa- Melbourne


“Understanding and thoughtful and so insightful and Dee assisted me in moving forward and was very sensitive to my issues.”

Mark- London