Feeling, hearing and understanding your circumstances through angel card readings in past, present, and future. A psychic reading is stepping into someone’s life for an hour and objectively looking at what happened in the past and how that has lead to where you are now and what it will lead to in the future.  A psychic uses claircognance-knowing, clairsentient-feeling, clairvoyant-seeing and clairaudient-hearing.

Please note:

Prior to the session Dee will ask you for your birthdate as she uses numerology and star signs in your reading as well as the use of angel cards, channelled information from guides and intuitive medium ship. It is recommended that you come with questions, which you may ask at the end and also discuss answers when Dee questions what she sees and remain open to the process.

A reading can be quite fast as it is a reading, on love, finances, work, relationships and business. Sometimes you cannot get everything in one reading and some areas might require subsequent readings depending on whether you want to focus on something that was mentioned in your initial reading.

Please note that Dee cannot give legal advice, or dates of marriages or deaths.

Readings are by phone, WhatsApp, Skype, face-to-face or e-mail.


Intuitive mentoring are ongoing sessions designed to help you progress in your business, assisted through angel card readings and business training.

Intuitive business coaching is purely focused on your business, where your blocks are in your business and what needs to be activated for your business to move forward and become more prosperous.

Clients usually ask about the space they are working in or the staff they have or it could be a business merging, or business resolving or just pure business lessons on where to take your business for future prosperity. Being solely responsible for a business can be overwhelming, so it’s about leaving fear behind and having a real plan to move forward. This includes marketing, sales and advice on business plans.


Space clearing is all about clearing negative energy from your work or home space, to create a health balanced environment.

There could be negative energy from past clients or people that were previous tenants. A left-over residue from other people’s energy can stay within the walls of your environment. Clearing negative energy is important to create a balanced healthy environment. Be it at work, home or in the workplace.

This is done through Feng Shui techniques. Crystals, salt, chimes, candles, chanting, feathers and vibrational tools such as drums and bells.


Workshops to assist in personal goal setting, self-improvement and psychic development.

Dee offers development workshops to help you develop your intuition and business goal setting. Register your interest now for information on development workshops, as they are announced (register here) (click through With a way for them to leave their email address)


Dee reads at parties! You will need to have a minimum of five people and a maximum of 10.  There needs to be a separate room from the party room in order to read. The readings are 20-30 minutes each. Price on application. Contact Dee for more information.