Spiritual Development Certificate Course – Online


“My hope for this course is that it provides you with an educated and fun approach to developing your spiritual gifts. Helping you align with spirit and your own intuition”. – Dee Sarina



This course is a certified Dee Sarina Course – Online


Who is this course for? 

·       For those who are interested in the spiritual realm

·       For those who feel as if they have spiritual gifts and would like to learn how to use them

·       For those who are interested in the history of spirituality

·       For those who are interested in learning about spirituality and different divination tools

Course Breakdown:


·       4 Modules with questions and activities

·       4 Revision Quizzes on EdApp

·       Plus 30 minutes 1 on 1 video call with Dee once you have completed the course

·       Course Duration: approximately 20 hours, 5 hours per module


Course Modules


Module 1

–       Introduction to Psychic Development

–       Relationship to Psychism and Science

–       Awareness of self-psychic ability


Module 2

–       Identifying Self- Energy

–       Pre-recognition empathy and telepathy

–       Fundamental to spiritual guide


Module 3

–       Concept of symbol, dreams and obes

–       Recognise Psychic ability and psychotherapy

–       Dowsing and telekinesis


Module 4

–       The Spiritual Power

–       Channelling and mode of medium

–       Tools of Divination

–       Healing and Reading


Revision quizzes can be taken using your smartphone or tablet by downloading the app via your device’s app store or using your desktop or laptop computer.

Once payment is complete you will receive a welcome email from me regarding the details, including all links and logins, for commencing the course.

*Please note there are no refunds or exchanges*